Summer Slide by: Jennifer Perez

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Preventing Summer Slide

by: Jennifer Perez

Let’s face it-summer is approaching with a vengeance, and if you are like many moms, you are beginning to plan the summer: Should the kids attend camp? Where will you vacation? How do I keep my child/children interested in reading this summer??  All very good questions indeed-I’d like to help with the last one….

** One recommendation I’d like to make is visiting the public library or bookstore, whatever you’d like, at least once per week and encourage your child/children to check out a variety of genres.  Sure, we all love a little fiction, but how about historical fiction or realistic fiction?  Don’t stop there-show them examples of non-fiction books, books on poetry, biographies and even fantasy books.  The possibilities are endless!

**Review this list with your child/children.  Print this out and keep it near their desk or work area.  Get the excited by allowing them to choose an activity to work on in ANY order.  I hope that these can get you off to a great start!

  1. Create a diorama of a scene that you made a connection to while reading.  When completed, display the diorama for all to see and to show off your great work!
  2. Dress up and act out your favorite scene of a book or a poem.
  3. Re-write a poem about summer onto a piece of poster board and decorate using markers.  Post the enlarged poem wherever you usually do homework!
  4. Create a “My Favorite Poems” book out of colored construction on white copy paper.  Re-write your favorite poems as you read.  This is an excellent way to integrate reading and writing.  Not to mention, you’ll end up with a neat book of goodies to read again and again.
  5. Keep Post-it-Notes close by when reading.  Use them to tag areas of confusion, a part you’d like to share or even use them to write down your thinking while you’re reading.
  6. Create a mini-book out of construction paper, lined paper or even white copy paper.  Stack about 5 -10 sheets together, fold in half and staple along the crease.  Title this book- “Words I learned this Summer 2010.” Whenever you come across a word that is new and maybe even a challenge- add it to this book and record it’s definition.  This will help build vocabulary and directly affect fluency!
  7. Create a comic strip version of the book you are reading!  Feel free to use as many colors as you’d like!  If you are feeling REALLY creative, create your very own comic strip and share with a friend!

Happy Learning!


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“Unlocking our children’s potential” -IMTJen More Summer Slide Activities

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