Let’s go shopping!

June 15, 2010 at 6:45 AM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

Your child/children have gone shopping with you hundreds of times!!  Time to let them do the shopping….with play money of course!!

What you will need: play money-plastic coins and/or paper bills, empty cereal boxes, soup cans, empty snack containers, stickers to label items with their prices, pad, and pencil.

Activity: This activity can be modified for children K-4th grade.  Before creating the “grocery store,” label each grocery item with the purchase price.  Then, choose an open area to set up the grocery store.  It is now time to shop!!!  Depending on the age of the child, you may want to start with small amounts of money first. For example, introduce the dollar bill and explain that 4 quarters = $1, 10 dimes=$1, etc….

You may then give your child a specific budget to shop with.  If you give them $5, ask them to buy as much as possible without going over their budget.  Let them continue shopping without interfering.  Once they are finished, add up the prices of the groceries items and discuss with your child the strategies that they used in order to stay within budget OR if they went over their budget, discuss what they could do the next time. If your child/children stayed within budget, work with your child to figure out how much money they should get back from you, the cashier.  Play this game as often as you’d like~making it a little more challenging each time.

Challenge Activity: To make this more challenging, you may set out more grocery items, set a higher budget and/or ask your child to tell you what the ‘cashier’ owes them!

Happy Learning!


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