Higher Order Questioning

June 28, 2010 at 1:48 PM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

I must say, last week was the first week in quite some time where I actually felt that I was back to a traditional 40-hour week.  In addition to the ‘normal’ week (what is normal anymore right?) I attended two Professional Development Trainings where I learned invaluable information.  The 1st training was Vocabulary K-5 and the most recent course being Reading and Thinking Deeply Through Higher Order Questioning.

What does it mean to “Read and Think Deeply Through Higher Order Thinking???  It means that we have to ask our children and students questions that allow them to:

1. Apply a concept or skill that they have learned.

  • Key Words ~ Infer, Organize, Summarize, Cause/Effect, Graph

2. Strategically think and critique what they have read and already know.

  • Key Words ~ Revise, Critique, Draw Conclusions, Investigate, Asses

3. Extend their thinking by synthesizing and analyzing what they have read and applying those concepts.

  • Key Words: Prove, Create, Analyze, Connect, Design.

Please remember when asking questions in #’s 2 and 3 that answers to these questions require additional ‘think’ time.  Additional thinking time is suggested since you will be asking more involved questions.  It may help to tell your child/student that you will give them a few minutes to think before accepting any answers.  By doing this, you are promoting that think time and truly allowing your child/student to fully form an answer to a Higher Order Thinking question.

I’ve already begun tabbing some of my Read Aloud books for the upcoming school year with appropriate Higher Order Thinking Questions and cannot wait to share with you all the feedback that I receive!!

Try this out with your own children/students and feel free to share any thoughts and/or questions you may have along your own Higher Order Thinking Questions journey!!

Happy Learning!


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