Individualized Learning Space (I.L.S.)

June 29, 2010 at 8:20 AM 1 comment

by: Jennifer Perez

In my opinion, every child needs a quiet space to call their own.  If your child/children are of school age, then I call this quite space their Individualized Learning Space or I.L.S.  The I.L.S. is a place where your child can learn and grow on a daily basis using the resources around them.  The I.L.S.  is  extremely beneficial if used properly and regularly.

Location Please!

The location of the I.L.S. is extremely important.  You and your child want to choose a location that is a comfortable working space for them AND this space must be in a location that isn’t noisy.  You do not want to choose an I.L.S. that is near a television, family room or any other area where there is high traffic, as this will be distracting for your child.  The I.L.S should be a place where homework is completed, research on the computer takes place and where planning is done.  The I.L.S. can be highly effective and extremely beneficial to your child….just encourage usage and provide plenty of positive praise and you will see that your child will prefer using their own I.L.S. to complete work as opposed to the kitchen counter.

Stock the School Supplies

Now that you and your child have decided on the perfect location for their I.L.S. it is time to Stock the School Supplies.  Have a conversation with your child and ask them what it is that they will need in order to complete their homework, research and planning.

School Supply Suggestions:

  • Plenty of pencils with functioning erasers
  • Blue/Black pens
  • Loose Leaf Paper (Wide rule or College rule?)
  • Dictionary/Thesaurus
  • Post-it-Notes (for tabbing areas of interest OR difficulty)
  • Paper Clips/ Stapler

Make it your own

Now that the location has been chosen and the school supplies have been stocked, it is now time for your child to add a few elements of their own to their I.L.S.  Adding just a few special touches will truly make this learning space their own.  I would encourage anywhere between 3-5 special elements so that the I.L.S. does not become cluttered and distracting.

Ideas for Special Elements:

  • Small lamp for additional lighting
  • Throw pillow for additional back support
  • Inspirational Quote posted at Eye Level
  • Cork Board to post upcoming assignments that are due, work to be proud of or even just some inspirational pieces.

Happy Learning!


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  • 1. heathercnelson  |  July 2, 2010 at 6:17 PM

    Do you have a picture? I’m thinking when we renovate our den, this might be good.


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