Monitoring Reading Comprehension

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by: Jennifer Perez

As a teacher and tutor, Reading Comprehension is an area I choose to target almost daily.  It is vital that our students/children be able to read, but also understand what it is that they are reading! Here are four ways I monitor Reading Comprehension with my students!

Four ways to Monitor Reading Comprehension

1. Preview the text-

  • Before reading with your student/child, it is highly recommended that you read the text first.  (Text is anything that can be read.)
  • When doing this, you will be searching for words/ideas that may be of some difficulty for your student/child.
  • Make a list of words/ideas and their page numbers.  (This will come in handy when you preview the book with your student/child next.)

2. Point out challenging words prior to reading the text-

  • Skim and scan the text with your student/child and point out those difficult words/ideas.
  • Pronounce the words together eliminating any confusion when the reading actually begins!

3. Discuss the meaning of words chosen from text-

  • Once your student/child can properly pronounce the words, it is time to discuss their meanings.
  • Understanding the meaning of these words will increase their level of comprehension by leaps and bounds.  No longer will they be spending time trying to decode words and determining their meaning….they can actually focus strictly on comprehending what they read! YES!

4. Activate necessary schema-

  • According to Tanny MCGregor, author of Comprehension Connections, schema is also known as background knowledge and prior knowledge.
  • Depending on the text that has been chosen, schema may need to be activated.
  • Research has shown that children coming from low-income homes have fewer life experiences resulting in fewer schemas than their counterparts.
  • Activating schema may be accomplished through conversation, looking through photographs or even Read Alouds.

Comprehension Practice

Here are a few of my favorite sites that offer wonderful practice opportunities for Reading Comprehension.

Grades K-5

Grades 6-12

Use these practice sheets for what they are …..PRACTICE!  This is not a skill that will be mastered in a few days, let alone weeks.  Just be persistent and offer positive praise and support to guide your student/child during this time.

Happy Learning!


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