Rainy Day Ready

July 7, 2010 at 6:36 AM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

I just love it when it rains…warm blanket, hot cocoa and a great book!!  For me, this is the ideal way to spend an afternoon when it rains in the Sunshine State! (Ironic?)  Now that I am a mommy, I have learned that I need to be prepared for all types of weather: sunny vs. HOT, overcast vs. rainy or even humid vs. muggy!  (Did I mention that it’s possible to experience all of this in the same week?) Oh yes, the many different types of weather here in Florida sure do keep us on our toes!  Now that we have entered our rainy season, I mean summer, I decided to plan a few ways to keep my daughter educationally engaged without having to be outside! Here are a few ways to keep Rainy Day Ready!

1. Reading Fort

  • Grab a few blankets and chairs to create a modern day Reading Fort! Once it’s exactly the way the kiddos want it, toss some pillows and grab hot cocoa, climb in and enjoy your reading material.
  • Idea ~ read a book out loud to your kids!  Remember, you can never have TOO many teaching opportunities!
  • When reading out loud remember you are modeling what great reading sounds like!  Read at a moderate pace and use intonation and inflection!

2. Use stickers to create an illustration

  • Let’s be honest….kids LOVE stickers!!  Why not use that love for stickers and motivate your child/children to create a picture/illustration with stickers?
  • Once the picture/illustration has been completed, encourage your child’s creativity by asking them to write a short story to depict their new art work!

3. Work on puzzles

  • Children of any age can work on age-appropriate puzzles.
  • According to HubPages, puzzles are wonderful for working on:

-Cognitive Skills ~ Problem Solving and whole-part   relationships

-Fine Motor Skills

-Hand-Eye Coordination

-Social Skills ~ when working with at least one other person

4. Educational Board Games

  • Here are just a sample of the MANY Educational Board Games to choose from-

-Chess ~ Critical thinking & Problem Solving

-Scrabble ~ Phonics, letter recognition, decoding of words

-Monopoly ~ Reading and Math

-Guess Who ~ Using Inference Skills and Collecting data

5. Writing

  • Let’s not forget the magic that a simple piece of paper and a pencil can create!
  • Provide your child/children with a few writing prompts to choose from:

–       What do animals do when it is raining?

–       Explain the water cycle.

–       Write a story about a flower dancing in the rain.

** The possibilities are endless! **

Happy Learning!


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