Polygons with The Greedy Triangle

July 8, 2010 at 7:07 AM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

One of my favorite books to use when I begin my Geometry Unit is The Greedy Triangle by: Marilyn Burns. The Greedy Triangle does a wonderful job at introducing the names of different polygons and their physical attributes.

An excerpt from The Greedy Triangle, “ Always on the go, the triangle supported bridges, made music in symphony orchestras, caught the wind for sailboats, and much, much more.  But his favorite job was to slip into places when people put their hands on their hips.  “’That way I always hear the latest news,’” it said.

Activity ~ This activity is ideal for children in Grades 2-6.

1. Create a poster with the polygons used in the book (do not include the number of sides on the poster YET!) Read over the list together:

  • Triangle~ 3 sides
  • Quadrilateral ~ 4 sides
  • Pentagon~ 5 sides
  • Hexagon ~ 6 sides
  • Heptagon ~ 7 sides
  • Octagon ~ 8 sides
  • Nonagon ~ 9 sides
  • Decagon ~ 10 sides

2. Discuss with your child/student that you will be reading a new book to them called The Greedy Triangle.  Explain how this book will be used to introduce polygons in an amusing way.

Polygon- “ a closed plane figure bound by three or more straight line segments.”

3. After reading the book, encourage your child to use the book as a resource in order to determine the number of sides for each polygon mentioned.  If your child is younger, use the illustrations to aid them in this process.

4. When this has been completed, review the answers together and write onto the poster.  Ask your child/student to provide you with evidence from the text to support their answers! (This way, they also get in some reading AFTER hearing it read aloud fluently first!  VERY clever!)   After this has been done, hang this poster in their I.L.S. for future use!

5. Leave this book out for your child/student to enjoy again and again!  This was just an introduction to polygons so the more exposure the better!

(More The Greedy Triangle lessons to be posted soon!)

Happy Learning!


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