The Power of Poetry

July 13, 2010 at 7:00 AM 1 comment

by: Jennifer Perez

Is there really Power in Poetry?  I guess it depends on who you are speaking to and their experiences with it!  For me, I most definitely believe that there is Power in Poetry.  I have used Poetry to excite my struggling readers, to extend learning with my high functioning students and introduce an entirely new way of reading!!

Where to start

If you are looking for a way to introduce Poetry to your child, you need to be prepared!!

  • What reading interests does your child have?  Do they enjoy Science Fiction, Humor or Fantasy?  Try searching for poems that fall within their favorite genre in order to ‘hook’ them into Poetry.
  • Prepare a Poetry Journal for the Poetry Kick-Off.  This is where poems will be glued/stapled for re-reading and future use.

Now what?

Begin the Poetry Kick-Off by presenting your child with their very own Poetry Journal!  Let them know they will be receiving a new poem each week, which is to be glued/stapled into their Poetry Journal. Model this for them by gluing/stapling the very 1st poem into the Journal.

Next, explain the purpose of Poetry!  Let your child know that reading can take many different forms and poetry is one of them!  Explain your Poetry system (what ever you choose it to be!)

Here is a sample:

Day 1: Your new poem will be given to you to be glued/stapled into your Poetry Journal.  I will read the poem to you to model what reading poetry sounds like.  Then, you will read it back to me.

Day 2: Re-read the poem out loud; focus on your speed and intonation.  In your journal, create a list of words from the poem that rhyme.

Day 3: Re-read the poem out loud; focus on reading punctuation correctly.  In your journal, create a list of verbs and nouns.  (These can also include Proper Nouns).

Day 4: Re-read the poem and clap the rhythm at the same time.  In your journal reflect on the following: Why is rhythm important in poetry? How does it make you feel?

Day 5: Re-read the poem out loud as though it were a song.  Discussion: How are poems and songs alike? How are they different?  Complete a Venn Diagram to show the differences.

Week 3 and beyond….

After a few weeks, invite your child to begin searching new poems with you!  You may see that they are willing to come out of their comfort zone (genre) and be interested in reading other types of poetry.  This will be possible because you are teaching them that poetry: has rhyming words, can be related to music/songs, can provide meaning conversations and provoke feelings.

Poetry Sites to get you started:


Happy Learning!

© Jennifer Perez 7/13/10


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