Alphabetizing Books

July 28, 2010 at 6:33 PM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

Ever since I was a child I have loved books!  I love reading them, holding them, shopping for them and talking about them.  It really isn’t surprising to anyone who knows us that Peyton, my daughter, also has a love for books! Several times a day, Peyton will walk over to her book collection, choose a book that interests her and ask me to read it.  I especially love how she will then take the book and sift through the pages on her own, pointing out familiar items and calling them by name!  It just warms my heart to see her evolving into a young reader!

The Alphabetizing begins

Due to the amount of books Peyton owns, her books are stored in two places: in a shelf in her bedroom upstairs and in two baskets downstairs in the living room.  As our afternoon activity, I decided to take Peyton to her bookshelf upstairs and alphabetize her books.  Now, my daughter is a little too young to alphabetize her books on her own, she is 21 months old! However, it was a wonderful opportunity to practice the alphabet, organize her books and spend some quality time together!

Alphabetizing ~ Children 0 to 4

  1. Gather all of your child/children’s books and spread them out onto the floor.
  2. Explain to your child what you are doing, “here are all of your wonderful books!  As a way to organize your books, we are going to work together to put them in ABC order. ABC order is also called Alphabetical order.”
  3. Since your little ones are still too young to alphabetize themselves, stimulate their minds by singing the alphabet while sorting the books into the correct ‘alpha’ pile.  Ex. Books by author’s whose names begin with A in one pile, B’s in another pile, etc…
  4. Change things up a bit by asking your child to repeat the letters after you as you continue to sort and stack books.
  5. Feel accomplished!  When all is said and done, you have organized your child’s books alphabetically, given them additional practice with their alphabet AND spent quality family time together!

Alphabetizing ~ Children 5 and up

  1. Follow Steps 1 & 2 from above.
  2. Before beginning to sort, have your child sing the alphabet out loud as a warm up to their task.
  3. Begin by modeling how to search for books whose author’s names begin with the Letter A and pull those books to the side.
  4. In order to ensure your child understands the task, ask your child to begin sorting an creating a pile for the Letter B.
  5. If your child has a great grasp on the task, encourage them to continue sorting by letter until all of the books are in the appropriate pile. If they need more practice with the alphabetizing, work on sorting the next few letters together or until your child is ready to attempt on their own!
  6. Feel accomplished!  When all is said and done, you helped your child organize their books alphabetically, given them additional practice with their alphabet AND spent quality family time together!!  Not bad for an afternoon activity 😉

Happy Learning!

© Jennifer Perez 7/28/10


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