Family Academic Contract (F.A.C.)

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by: Jennifer Perez

The F.A.C. is a working agreement between family members in order to help each child in the household strive academically.  In order for the F.A.C. to be successful, it must be a “working” agreement.  A working agreement means having the flexibility to change the agreement for the betterment of your child/children to help them succeed.

Here are a few items that you may consider for your own F.A.C. between you and your child/children.

F.A.C. Sample of Terms:


  1. Child must complete all homework before watching TV.
  2. No cell phones while doing homework.
  3. There must be a minimum of 1.5 hrs of studying a night.


  1. All study time must be non-interrupted time.
  2. Parent must be available for questions if needed.
  3. Parent must check that all H.W. has been completed.


Just like all contracts, there are consequences when the terms are broken.  I highly recommend making these consequences part of the F.A.C. so that expectations and consequences are understood from the beginning.  We want our children to be fully aware of ALL terms before agreeing to this contract.


Now for the fun part!  I say fun part because as parents we want the best for our children.  When our children are successful it fills us with a pride that is unexplainable.  So, why not add a ‘Rewards’ term to the F.A.C.?    Rewarding your children will help keep them motivated about meeting the F.A.C terms.

Once  ALL of the terms have been set and agreed upon, it is time to draft the F.A.C. and have all stakeholders sign and date. Post the F.A.C. in a area where it will be viewed often such as: the office, I.L.S. or even the refrigerator.  Re-visit the F.A.C. every so often and remember…it is a “working” agreement, which means that you as the parent have the flexibility to revise terms if it will benefit your child!

Presentation of F.A.C. ~Sample Scripts:

“Peyton, I was thinking; you have been doing much better with your studies.  Why don’t we put a F.A.C. in place so we can track your efforts and reward you for your hard work?”

“Peyton, I know this school year is tougher than last year.  Why don’t we put an F.A.C. in place to help out?  If you stick to the F.A.C., not only will it benefit your studies, but we can reward you for your efforts as well.”

The F.A.C can be as effective as you decide to make it.  Good luck and remember, your approach is everything!

Family Academic Contract ~ SAMPLE

This contract is between the family of _________________ and ______________________.   This contract is to have the input and agreed upon by both the child/student and the parent.  This contract is a ‘working’ agreement between the signers.  Since this is a working agreement, we have the flexibility to make changes to the agreement if the changes are to benefit the child/students

The following are the terms of the Parents:

  1. Child/Student is to have excellent behavior in all classes.
  2. Student must complete all homework before any extra curricular activities may take place.
  3. Student must complete work without any distractions. (cell phones)
  4. A Parent must review homework.
  5. A minimum of 1.5 hours must be spent each evening completing homework and reading.

The following are the terms of the Child/Student:

  1. Parent must provide a quiet working environment.
  2. Parent must be available for questions.
  3. Parent must make time to review assignments.

Consequences if terms are not met:

(If you and your family decide on consequences)


Parent Signature/Date


Child/Student Signature/Date

Happy Learning!

©Jennifer Perez 7/16/10


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