5 Tips to get Back to School Ready ~ Student Edition

August 5, 2010 at 7:38 PM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

Going Back to School is one of the most exciting times in a child’s life!  What’s not to be excited about? A new school year brings new: teachers, friends, materials, experiences and memories!!  Parents read over this list with your child and help them realize that getting Back to School ready is just as much their responsibility as it is yours. **The rest of this article is written as if your child were reading it. ** (Order of Tips does not signify order of importance.)

1. Math Refreshers ~ After a long summer break, it is a wonderful idea to brush up on your math.  To help with this, get out some math assignments from the previous school year and begin reviewing as much as possible.  Chances are the material will help jog your memory with what was already learned!  Reviewing ahead of time will give you a head start for new school year and put you in a position to begin learning as soon as possible. A few items to consider are:

  • Repeated addition/subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Word Problems covering all Math Operations

2. I.L.S. ~ The Individualized Learning Space is The I.L.S. is a place where you can learn and grow on a daily basis using the resources available to you.  The I.L.S.  is  extremely beneficial if used properly and regularly.”  A few aspects of the I.L.S. that will need your attention are:

  • Location~ where will you feel the most comfortable completing homework, conducting research and doing your BEST learning.
  • Personalization ~ What would you like to add to your I.L.S. that will make you feel at ease? Learn better?

3. F.A.C. ~  The Family Academic Contract is an extremely powerful tool for you and your family.  “The F.A.C. is a working agreement between family members in order to help each child in the household strive academically.  In order for the F.A.C. to be successful, it must be a “working” agreement.  A working agreement means having the flexibility to change the agreement for the betterment of your child/children to help them succeed.”  As a student, welcome the F.A.C. because it will absolutely guide your academic school year and help keep you focused!

4. Summer Reading List ~ Before summer began, you were given a list of Summer Reading books to read before returning back to school.  Hopefully, at this point, you don’t have too much more to read from that list.  If you do, no worries!  There is still plenty of time to get reading.  I strongly urge you to read these books that were assigned.  I feel confident in saying that these books were chosen for a reason.  More than likely, there will be a class discussion, a project or even a test on these books when you return to school.

5. School Supplies ~ Once you arrive at school, you will most likely already have in your possession every item from the recommended School Supply List.  Sometimes, teachers will ask their students, YOU, to purchase a few other items that will be needed for specific lessons and/or projects.  Your responsibility is to let your parents know if any other materials have been requested.  I will repeat…it is YOUR responsibility to let your parents know if any other materials have been requested!

I sincerely hope that you enjoy the rest of your summer vacation!  I urge you to take advantage of any and ALL opportunities you may have to read and review!  I promise it will not be time wasted!

Happy Learning!

© Jennifer Perez 8/5/10


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5 Tips to get Back to School Ready ~ Parent/Guardian Edition Math Manipulatives

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