Embarrassed? Who me?

August 11, 2010 at 6:39 AM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

Never did I think that at the age of 28, I would be getting braces!  Who…me?  No way!  With getting older, we as adults must deal with ‘other’ life changes such as:

  • Making the gym a priority
  • Which private schools are the best
  • And… how can I forget…. The natural progression of teeth moving toward the center of your mouth!!  WHAT?  (Yes, this is what my orthodontist told me!)

Later today, I will be the not so proud owner of braces! Due to the ‘natural progression of teeth moving toward the center’ of my mouth, braces are now in order.  I have had many thoughts swirling in my mind as to why I shouldn’t get these braces because…let’s be honest… I really do not want them.  I keep thinking, “How silly am I going to look with braces at the age of 28?”  Then, all of a sudden it hit me!  I am truly embarrassed about getting braces at my age!!

Being me, I brainstormed how I can turn this experience into a positive one AND help my students learn from my experience.

What I have come up with is this ~ It’s okay to be embarrassed!  Embarrassment is merely a feeling in which we have complete control over!  I can think of many times in my career when my students were upset with a friend because they made them feel embarrassed in some way, shape or form.  It is a part of life and we ALL experience it!

I plan on sharing my experience of getting braces and feeling embarrassed with my students.  As silly as it may sound, I know that my students really look up to me as their teacher and listen to what I have to say!  What if I tell them it’s okay to feel embarrassed and THEN give them my personal story?!  Imagine the power behind this story!!  My hope in sharing this experience with my students is that I will be able to instill a sense of self-esteem and confidence in them, which will continue to grow as time passes!

Here’s to braces!!!  (Oh dear!)

Happy Learning!

© Jennifer Perez  8/11/10


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