Beach Bound

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by: Jennifer Perez

My husband and I recently took our daughter to the beach for the 1st time and she had a blast!  From chasing the waves to running away from the waves-a good time was had by all!  Before leaving the beach, I wanted to help Peyton pick a few seashells because isn’t that what every child does?? We searched for shells and were able to find a few to document the trip.  This beach visit was more than just a trip; it was also the inspiration for this piece!  Pack the car with everyone’s favorite beach goodies, pack a lunch and let’s go….we are Beach Bound!

We are at the beach ~ Now what?

As a child, I remember packing up the morning of ‘beach day’ and being so completely excited that I was sent outside because I had “too much energy!”  Isn’t it like this for our kids though?  One mention of the beach and they are soo there-racing to grab their bathing suit and sand pail!  In their defense, what’s not to love about the beach?  The sound of waves crashing onto shore, seagulls squawking in the very near distance, sandwiches and chips galore and…we can’t forget the seashells!

Collecting seashells with your kids can be a wonderful learning lesson for them.  (If you have more than one child, I suggest having some sort of pail or bucket for each in order to keep the shells separate.)  While collecting shells you can discuss their size in relation to other shells, count how many you’ve collected and describe their shapes.  After collecting those seashells, wash them off and get ready to use them for some educational purposes!

Sorting Seashells

There are a few ways in which shells can be sorted.  They may be sorted by:

  • Size
  • Shape
  • Color
  • Jagged edges / smooth edges
  • Symmetrical/not symmetrical

Before asking your child to sort, explain what it means to sort and even provide them with an example.  You may want to sort once with your child and then allow them to choose other possible ways to sort!  For example, sort the seashells by size once together.  As the parent, pull out all of the shells that may considered small. Next, have your child sort for the shells that may be considered large.  Any of the shells left can be considered medium shells.  Take this activity a little further by having your child take pictures of their different shell sorts!

Counting Seashells

Counting shells sounds like an easy task right??  Well, it depends on the age of your child!  Simply counting seashells is a great way to build number sense.  If your child is a bit older or is ready for a challenge, ask them to:

  • Count the shells by 2’s, 3’s and 4’s.
  • Create groups of 5’s and 10’s
  • Use the shells to create a number sentence such as 8-3=5.

Graphing Seashells

For this activity, you will need:

  • Pencil
  • Markers
  • Graphing paper or lined paper

Using the data from one of the sorts above, help your child create a graph of their choice!

For example ~ If there were 5 small shells, 7 medium shells and 6 large shells in the SIZE SORT, then this would be the date or information needed in order to create the graph!

Encourage your child to have fun with their graphs.  Creating the graphs in pencil first, is a good idea just in case some erasing needs to take place.  Once the final product is complete, the markers would be a great way to add some color!!

Happy Learning!

© Jennifer Perez 8/11/10


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