Better NOW than Later

August 19, 2010 at 5:31 AM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

Working in my room this week has been absolutely fabulous!  I have been able to work at my own pace while getting my classroom organized for my future kiddos.  Now that I’ve had several days in my classroom, I am now at the point where I can begin planning for the rest of the school year.  The items at the top of my list include:

  1. Previewing Cumulative Folders
  2. Plan for Lesson Plans
  3. Create Sub Plans

Previewing Cumulative Folders

Previewing my student’s Cumulative Folders is a task I take very seriously. These folders contain extremely valuable information about each individual student.  Such information may include: prior state testing with scores, past report cards, classifications, eligibility for special programs, reported behaviors and MUCH more!  Reading through the Cumulative Folders allows me the opportunity to get to know a bit about my students before actually meeting them.  The information gained is invaluable and is helpful in planning my 1st week of school.  If your school/district has such folders available for viewing, it is my strong professional opinion that you take some time to read through those of your future student’s!

Plan for Lesson Plans

I know this may sound confusing, but, please let me explain!  What I mean by ‘Plan for Lesson Plans’ is this ~ create a schedule of when you will be planning for each subject.  An old plan of mine looks like this:

Monday ~Plan Math in the morning

Tuesday ~Plan Writing during Specials (Art, P.E., Music)

Wednesday ~Plan Shared Reading in the Morning

Thursday ~ Plan Guided Reading after school

Friday ~Plan Social Studies during Specials (Art, P.E., Music)

By creating such a schedule, you will always know what subject you are planning for and when. The even better outcome is that you will always have your lesson plans completed before the weekend; leaving you time to enjoy yourself and your family!  I am a strong believer that rest and recuperation makes a much happier teacher!  So why not create a plan for Lesson Plan(s)?  Just try it out and I’m sure you will be a believer as well!

Create Sub Plans-You just never know

Let’s face it- life is unpredictable.  No matter how much we plan, cut and paste, sometimes it’s just not happening!  You are abruptly woken at 2:00am with a sick baby, the car breaks down or some other family emergency arises.  What do you do in situations like these when going to work for the day isn’t an option?  The answer?  Call in for a substitute teacher for the day, of course!  If you are like me, you try to plan as much in advance for your students as possible.  Planning for a substitute to be in your classroom for the day is no different.  Even though you aren’t at school- your students will be and they deserve to continue learning even if you aren’t there!  I highly recommend creating a ‘just in case’ set of Substitute Lesson plans…just in case…you know… you have to miss a day unexpectedly.  This way, your mind will be at ease while you are away AND your students will continue learning.  (Not to mention that the substitute teacher will be filled with joy at the thought of having a lesson plan to follow!)

Teachers, I tip my hat to you!  I believe that we truly do have one of the most difficult jobs, but we do it because we care!  Continue with your passion for children and watch as you change lives!

Happy Learning!

Copyright  Jennifer Perez 8/17/10


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