Substitute Plans- A Sample

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by: Jennifer Perez

Here is a sample of Substitute Lesson plans that I used once a few years ago.  I always try to leave detailed plans so that my student’s learning is not affected if I am away!

Good Morning Mr. Carbone,

Thank You for taking care of my students for the day. At some point today, Mrs. Severt will be stopping by to create some books with the class.  I have left the copies underneath all of your goodies!!

7:30-8:15am~Morning Work~ The students will be arriving at this time.  Their morning work is to complete the Multiplication Practice Worksheet. Please place a practice sheet on their desk so that when they arrive they can get straight to work.

8:15am~ Please send attendance at this time with Alexis and Esmeralda.  If anyone is absent, please mark your initials, in black pen only, on today’s date.  You do not need to worry about the calendar math because I have already done it for the day.  If the students ask, just tell them that Mrs. Perez has taken care of it for them today!

8:15-9:10am~Math # 1

The students will need their Anchors Math books for today’s lesson.  As a group, please complete SP 315/TE pg. 324.  Please allow the students some practice time by assigning them to complete student page 316/TE 325 odd #’s and page 318/TE 327#’s 1-13.

Please use the teacher’s edition to review the answers with the students. I have tabbed the pages for you with blue post it notes.

9:10-9:40am- Writing

The students have been working on a VOICE writing piece.  Please have the students get into their groups to complete their rough drafts.  At this time, please hand out the VOICE folders to each group.  About 5 minutes before clean up, please allow the students to share their letters with the class if they would like.

9:40am- Line Up

Please have the students place their writing into their VOICE folders and collect them please. Then, have the students line up at this time with their Music spiral notebooks.  Ask for the door holder and the line leader first and then the rest of the students. You will now take them to Music.

9:15-9:45am –Music

10:20-10:55~ Reading

Once everyone is seated, please let the students know that they will be continuing to work with their groups on their Reader’s Theater plays. The students will already have these plays at their desks underneath their blue baskets. Please remind students that they should be practicing using gestures, changing their tone of voice, facial expressions, etc… 

If possible, filter around the room and offer suggestions!!  They LOVE this!

10:53am~ Prepare for lunch.

At this time, please ask the students to hand the plays to the head of their tables.  These students are to then place the plays back underneath the baskets.

Now, ask them to take out their silent reading books so that they can read after lunch. 

Then, ask the door holder and line leader to line up.  Next, the students with lunch boxes line up, then everyone else may line up.


11:00-11:30am~ Lunch

11:35-12:00pm~ Silent Reading

As soon as the students return to class from lunch, they are to begin silently reading.  Please use the apple timer on the board to set the time for 25 minutes.  When the buzzer rings, the students will know to put their books away.

12:00pm-12:20pm~ Reading Practice

Students are to work independently in their BLAST OFF Reading Workbooks.  Please have them complete pages 29-35.  Please review answers with the class once the 20 minutes are up. (The pages are tabbed with blue post it notes).

12:20- 12:40pm~ Math Practice

After the review, students are then to work independently in their BLAST OFF Math Workbooks.  Please have the students complete pages 9-14.  Please review answers with the class once the 20 minutes are up.  When finished, please ask the students to place both books in their desks.  (The pages are tabbed with blue post it notes).

12:40-12:55pm-READ ALOUD

At this time, invite the students to the carpet for their read aloud of James and the Giant Peach.  Please read chapters 34, 35, 36.

12:55-1:00pm~Clean up and get ready for Science

Please have the students clean up and get their materials ready for Science.  When each table group is ready, have them line up at the water fountain in the hallway leading into Ms. Crane’s room. 

At this time, Ms. Crane’s students will be coming in the door for Math.

1:00pm-1:45pm~Math # 2

Please follow the same lesson as Math # 1.

1:45-2:00pm~Clean up/Dismissal

My students will be back in their room now.  They are to sit down FIRST and put away their Science Materials.  After they have done this, ask the students to please pick up 2 or 3 pieces of garbage. Then, please have Carolina stamp the student’s paw print sheets!  Tell the students that I will take care of their planners on Monday!  At this time, they may pack up!

1:55pm~ Please have the bus, walker and daycare students line up at the door.  Once they have all lined up, they may go out into the hallway. Then, ask for all of the car riders to line up at the fountain so that Ms. Crane  can take the car riders. You will have walker duty today and the dismissal list is attached

Once again, Thank you so much!  If you have any questions, you may ask Ms. Crane or Ms.Whitman who is across the hall!

Thank You,

Mrs. Perez


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