Math Journals

September 6, 2010 at 2:16 PM 1 comment

by: Jennifer Perez

If you are a teacher who teaches Math, READ THIS!   In our county, we have a Math Instructional calendar which helps to guide teachers with how much time they can/should spend on lessons.  This calendar may vary depending on our students, of course.  On the current calendar, it was suggested that we cover procedural type things during the 1st week of school such as:

  1. How to handle manipulatives
  2. The First 20 days of Math
  3. Different Kagan Structures
  4. Math Journals
  5. And more….

Math Journals?  Yes, that is right….Math Journals.  I quickly learned the purpose of these journals and I must say…the idea is absolutely brilliant.

Remember your “journal” when you were young?

As a child, I remember having y very own journal.  It was a place where I wrote my thoughts, reflections, aspirations and more.  This journal was so very important to me because it held many personal accounts of my life.  Did you also have a journal?  Can you relate to this?

What is a Math Journal?

In essence, a Math Journal is similar.  As a teacher, you can ask your students to include anything YOU choose in their Math Journals, but please give this some thought.

~What can be included in their notes that will be of value?

-Example questions completed as a class

-Vocabulary words to be learned in the chapter you are covering

-Diagrams to serve as a visual for those students who are visual learners.

-A page glued from the student’s math book showing work on certain problems

-Summary/Reflection of the lesson

If the Math Journals are completed properly, they can serve as a powerful study tool for your students!  Now that I have had an opportunity to work for with students for about a week with their Math Journals, I’d like to offer some advice.

Don’t stress if you find that the Math Journals must be tweaked for your students!  It is ok.  Just remember the purpose of the Math Journal; it is meant to serve as a resource for your students.  A place where they can turn to when they need a refresher and/or need to study!

Happy Math Journaling!

© Jennifer Perez 9/4/10


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  • 1. SarahJane  |  April 19, 2011 at 8:45 PM

    Interesting post! My school uses Math Journals in K-5 for weekly problem solving tasks. Students are encouraged to solve problems in ways that make sense to them and time is devoted to students’ sharing strategies for each task. This year we are using tasks from this source:


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