Don’t worry…P is happy!

September 11, 2010 at 9:28 PM Leave a comment

by: Jennifer Perez

I have officially completed my 4th week Back to School!!  I cannot believe how quickly the time continues to fly by, and yet, I still worry about my daughter Peyton.  I have been a stay at home mom for practically her entire life so making the decision to go back to work was extremely difficult… for me that is!

Thank the good Lord; while I am at work, my sweet angel gets to stay with my wonderful mother-in-law-A.K.A Nani.  (I really do mean wonderful!  I l was blessed with her for sure!) So, after knowing how wonderful my mother in law is and how close her and Peyton were….I find myself still asking myself, “why are you still worrying?”

Now, being a parent myself, I know that this question goes without asking.  I’m a parent; of course I am still going to worry!  From what I hear, parents ALWAYS worry about their children-even after they have married and moved out of the house!

It is so heart-warming each and every day, when I pick up my daughter to see that huge grin on her face.  One that tells me- “MOM, I’m so happy to see you AND MMOOOMMM- where have you been?”  I love getting the daily run down on how their day was spent….I’m a numbers person so I really do enjoy this part!  A sample day can look like this:

8:15~ Peyton wakes up

8:15-9:15 ~Breakfast and morning T.V. time

9:30-11:00 ~ go to the mall for exercise and carousel riding (Yes, we have a carousel IN one of our malls)

11:15-12:00pm ~ Lunch and afternoon milk

12:15-2:15pm ~ NAP

2:15-3:15pm ~ Enrichment time: reading, puzzles, games

3:30- Mommy and P time!!!

A huge part of keeping P and I BOTH happy is that we have always followed a schedule-since she was about 8 weeks old! (But that is a different story!) I have complete confidence in my mother-in-law and it is time for me to stop worrying so much.  I need to remember that my daughter is in VERY capable hands while I am doing something that I love- TEACH and grow young minds!

To all of you teachers out there – I THANK YOU and respect you for ALL that you DO!!!

Happy Learning!

© Jennifer Perez  9/7/10


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