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A year ago today

by: Jennifer Perez

Exactly one year ago today, my dream of starting a tutoring company came true!  For many years, I wondered how I could merge my love for teaching AND learning in such a way that would be able to make a positive impact on children.  Sure, the idea of starting my own tutoring company popped up several times during the brainstorming sessions, but I thought there were already too many privately owned companies promising to do the same thing.  I thought to myself, ” If I am going to begin this journey how would I be different?  What would make parents/guardians choose to tutor with me over the competition?”  Almost immediatley the answer became abundantly clear- my passion for teaching and learning would shine through each individualized lesson I teach!  That’s it!  I am not talking about workbooks and meaningless reproducibles, but taking the child’s strengths, weaknesses, goals and priorities and creating lessons that are specifically tailored for them!  The question of “how would I be different” instantly morphed into, “What do I need to do to get this tutoring business started??”

After a few months of planning and preparing….Inspiring Minds Tutoring was born on January 15, 2010.  It was truly one of the most special days of my life.  To be able to dream a dream for so long and to see it slowly come to fruition is simply beyond words.  I am thrilled to see what the upcoming year brings for us and to my wonderful clients!  Thank You for sticking with me and I promise to continue inspiring the young minds of our future leaders!

Happy Anniversary Inspiring Minds Tutoring!

© Jennifer Perez 1/15/2011


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Math Bingo

by: Jennifer Perez


Math Bingo??  Yes, that is right!  I am sure some of you have heard of Math Bingo before…some of may have not.  I decided to bring “back” the Math Bingo game for one of my newest clients….5 year old R.  Little R is now tutoring with me, Ms. Jenny, and we began working on all sorts of math goodies: numerics 1-100+, recognizing numbers in word form, using manipulatives to represent numbers, addition, subtraction and more! Before meeting my newest little client, I had prepared a Math Bingo game  as the culminating activity.  I prepared the bingo card with the numbers 1-9 in their individual boxes. I then showed R a flash card with a number spelled out in number form, which he then located the matching number on the card and covered it with a foam manipulative. We continued in this fashion until he has three in a row and shouted “BINGO!” We had such a great time that R requested that we play Blackout!  ( Apparently, this is where you play until all of the squares on the bingo board have been covered!  Of course….I said yes!)

For Example ~ I showed R the flash card which read- “FIVE.”  R read the number five and then located the matching number in numerics on his Math Bingo card.

This is an excellent, easy way to make math fun in your home!! You can use the Math Bingo game to review  ANY operation: Addition, subtraction, Multiplication or Division.  Whichever you choose, just create the correct flash cards. For example, if you want to work on addition- then your flash cards would contain addition problems such as 5 +2 which your child would then locate the sum of  7 on their Math Bingo card and cover it with what ever you choose.   I am sure that you have the materials in your kitchen junk draw as we speak!

Materials needed:

  • blank computer paper OR any solid color paper
  • index cards
  • dried pasta OR beans
  • markers OR colored pencils OR crayons

What to do:

1. First, decide how many numbers you want to use for your child’s Math Bingo card.  Create the bingo card, using the blank computer paper or colored paper, with just a few less boxes than numbers chosen.

2. Create an appropriate set of flash cards using your index cards and markers.  If you are working on addition then create addition cards.  If you care choosing to work on multiplication, then create multiplication flash cards, etc…

3. Review the rules of the game with your child and discuss prize, if you choose, once the have “BINGO.”

4. Set out Math Bingo chips for your child to use to cover their numbers.  You can use dry pasta, beans or small cereal pieces.

Playing the Math Bingo is a sure way to get your child excited about math, which-let’s be honest, is sometimes difficult to do.  Continue to challenge your child by adding a few more flash cards to their stack each week or maybe even inviting them to create their own!!

Happy Bingo playing!!

© Jennifer Perez 1/14/11

January 14, 2011 at 10:06 PM 2 comments

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